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Upcoming Single Feb 26: Twisted ft. SÆM

TONG will be releasing his sixth single “Twisted” featuring SÆM. Described as a dark electro-pop reflection piece, TONG and SÆM explore the journey of someone who has to face their loved one’s passing and the person’s final thoughts in accepting their imminent death. Pre-save their upcoming release “Twisted”: link here.

His single is part of his upcoming album “ON'' where he playfully combines different genres together to build a musical journey for his listener. Described as a mix between FINNEAS and FLUME, TONG is a musician based in Hamburg who combines pop, electronic music, and his classical violin training.

Join TONG and SÆM on Friday, February 26, on IG Live at 5:45pm CET. Watch along with others the music video release and stay for the Q&A chat. Link is here.

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